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Who better to learn from than the people doing SEO, Google Ads and social media marketing everyday? We’ve teamed up with Mediahuis, the name behind well-known websites such as the and Their marketing team will give honest and engaging insights from the front line of digital marketing in our masterclasses and blog.

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Our experts have worked for companies like

Jayne Wilde, Head of eCommerce at Mediahuis Ireland

Jayne is responsible for Independent Shop, a marketplace that sells products like e-bikes and garden equipment to customers of the Irish Independent. In her Masterclass, Jayne stresses the importance of establishing who the person you’re trying to target exactly is. Building out a persona or pen portrait of this person helps. Think about what their attributes are, their habits, where they hang out online, and what they do offline.

Tony Cross, Head of Marketing at

Tony Cross has created and managed new digital products for ITV, Condé Nast Digital, BBC & more. His work covers editorial and broadcast property websites, travel apps and other e-commerce solutions. In his masterclass, Tony looks at the components that make up a successful digital marketing strategy. From SEO to Google Snippets, all in the context of his work at, the price comparison site.

Ross Conlon, CEO of CarsIreland and

Ross Conlon is the CEO or CarsIreland and Cartell. In his Masterclass, Ross talks about the need to look at the entire user journey and how focusing on the right metrics will let you know what is really going on with your product or service. Ross also recommends developing the ability to step back and admit that particular marketing activity is not working. You learn as much from your mistakes as from your successes.

Lee Martin, Head of Marketing & Promotions at Mediahuis Ireland

Lee previously worked as Head of Marketing & CRM for Virgin Media Ireland with responsibility for all direct-to-consumer acquisition and all customer comms. In his Masterclass, Lee makes the point that the fundamental principles of Marketing also apply to digital marketing. For example, you’ve got to identify your audience and work out how to reach them. It’s important not to forget the basics.

Bruce Bullock, Group Director of Product at Mediahuis Ireland

Bruce was formally Vice President of Consumer Sales at Liberty Global responsible for 14 markets. He now leads the Start Up Studio in Mediahuis Ireland. In his Masterclass, Bruce elaborates on how social media in particular allows a brand to quickly test how different campaign creatives and messages resonate with users. Emphasising the importance of being able to pivot quickly and capitalise on learning. All in the context of launching a new brand to the market.

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Dan Smullen, Head of SEO at Mediahuis Ireland

As Head of SEO, Dan is responsible for driving traffic to Mediahuis’s range of digital properties including and In his Masterclass, Dan revisits the evolution of SEO and how it is now essential to understand the intent of what the user is searching for as much as what they actually typed. Finally, he has some unmissable career advice for digital marketers.

Cathal Gillen, Managing Director at are a leading digital marketing consultancy who work with Mediahuis Ireland. In his masterclass, Cathal takes us what a typical day looks like for him. Then he goes on to talk about the importance of analytics. This is about looking at your marketing data, which might come from varied and multiple sources, and constructing a story of what’s really happening.

Connor Diamond, Group Head of Digital Insights at Mediahuis Ireland

Connor and his team are experts in telling the story of what the data is saying, allowing the business to move quickly on their findings. Connor emphasises that you not only need the right software to deal with data from multiple sources, but also the right people in place to interrogate, analyse and visualise the data. Listen to Connor’s masterclass, only available at Learning Force.

Gillian Verrecchia, Account Director at Mediahuis Ireland

Gillian’s role is to help brands advertise effectively with Mediahuis. Amongst other things, she launches marketing campaigns, monitors its progress and conducts post-campaign analysis. In her Masterclass, Gillian stresses the importance of data. Even midway through a campaign, data can tell us if it is on track to deliver on the key performance indicators (KPIs). Changes can be made to optimise the campaign.

Peter Vandermeersch, Publisher at Mediahuis Ireland

As Publisher at Mediahuis Ireland, Peter’s role is to ensure the quality of publications such as the Irish Independent and The Belfast Telegraph. This relates not only to the integrity of the journalism but also to the means by which it is marketed and accessed, which is increasingly digital. In his Masterclass, Peter he encourages us to interrogate data comprehensively in order to truly find out what customers are thinking and doing.

Hughie Devine, Head of Programmatic Partnership at Mediahuis Ireland

Hughie Devine has worked in business development and digital sales for the likes of and Sky before coming to Mediahuis Ireland. Hughie is skilled in Digital Strategy, Programmatic Buying and Advertising Partnerships across display, editorial, experiential & branded content. In his masterclass, Hughie talks about the pillars of digital marketing for Mediahuis and the importance of innovation in that context.