In this short excerpt from his masterclass for our Diploma in Digital Marketing, CEO of CarsIreland, Ross Conlon tells us about how people browse for cars. These findings came out of analysing the data available and also speaking to real customers in one-to-one interviews. 

CarsIreland’s traffic typically has a 50%-50% profile during the day on mobiles and desktop. In the evening, it goes to 90% mobile. This makes sense when you take a step back and ask what are people typically doing. They focus on work during the day and in the evening, they browse while on the couch or lying on the beds at home. In this context, they’ve found that some users browse between 200 and 300 cars before they buy it. It’s quite a content-driven experience. Car buyers want good quality photos of the car. They want to see the condition of the car, they zoom in to see scratches. They want to quickly see information about the mileage, ownership and location of the car. What tends to happen is that the sellers with the best content easily win out. It’s not necessarily the dealer’s brand name, it’s the best content.

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