In this short excerpt from his masterclass for our Diploma in Digital Marketing, Head of Marketing at, Tony Cross, discusses Google Snippets and Position Zero. This is all part of technical SEO, a critical part of audience acquisition for, Ireland’s newest price comparison site. 

Technical SEO is about structuring your site so that Google’s robots can read all of the content effectively, but also to take advantage of some of the features that Google has introduced over the last couple of years, such as Google snippets. When you type a question into Google, you will see the answer to your question there at the top of the results page, without having to go to the web page where that information exists. It’s called position zero. It’s even placed above the site that’s positioned at number one in Google. There are some certain things that you can do with the technology of your site to make sure that Google can find information quickly and efficiently, and potentially appear in Position Zero.

Tony Cross is responsible for making sure that Choosy gets as many people as possible to the site and that those people are interested in converting with one of their products – switching broadband or switching their energy supply.

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